In this section you will find some frequently asked questions about Goalnet. If you have any further questions you can contact your local Federation for assistance.

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What is Goalnet?
Is Goalnet currently National?
Which browser(s) is Goalnet compatible with?
We’re only a small club, what are the benefits for us?
I’m new to Goalnet, where do I start?


Players & Members

How do I register to my club?
Are there any Terms & Conditions associated with Goalnet?
Can I be registered as a Player at more than one club?
Can be registered as Coach at different clubs?
How do I transfer to a different club?
Where can I go for extra help?


Clubs (Part 1)

How do I gain access to my club’s database?
How do I set up my club to accept Online Payments during registration?
Whats the difference between “user pays” and “inclusive” fee settings?
How much do I have to add to my product in order for the 3.9% to be accounted for?
Can I only allow players to pay online and not manually when they register?
How can I ensure that only certain age groups see specific products on our registration form?


Clubs (Part 2)

How can I give a team coach/ manager access to their team on Goalnet?
How do I check on the funds we have received via Online Payments?
Some of our products aren’t showing up on our registration form. What should I do?
How do I request a transfer for a player from another club in New Zealand?
How do I request a transfer for a player from an overseas club?