Managing Registrations

This page is designed to provide club administrators with information and tips to help navigate through the busy registration period.

Hopefully, by reading through some of these sections below, the administration time spent on registrations can be decreased.

If you have any tips on these areas or more that you feel other clubs may find useful, please feel free to let us know, we would love to hear from you! Fill out the Feedback Form at the bottom of this page.

Good luck for the upcoming season!


Self-registration refers to when a player enters their unique username and password (or registers as new person if new to the game) to register with their club for the upcoming season.

Clubs can still maintain control over their registration process such as controlling when a registration form can be accessed; the messaging seen by players; and the products available to them by using the functionality within registration forms.

By opening up the registration process to players, and encouraging self-registration, the amount of time spent on registration management is significantly cut! We cannot recommend enough how important it is to encourage self-registration to your players.

Self-registration is easy to do, and players can use the below Footy Tip to help them to register themselves.

Self – Registering


The registration experience can be made more streamlined and even easier by setting up your club to take payments online.

The Online Payments module of Goalnet allows your players to pay for their registration fees, events, or any merchandise that your club may offer during registration. Benefits to this include:

  • A streamlined and fully integrated Membership and Online Payment system.
  • Payments deposited into club’s bank account – no cash handling or cheques.
  • Secure gateway – Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliant. Meaning that all your details are secure.
  • Ability for players to make Bank-to-Bank transfers (Coming 2017).
  • Reporting tools allows you to easily reconcile your payments; view payments by individuals or teams.

For more information on how to get your club set up for Online Payments, see the Online Payments Footy Tip below, or get in touch with your local Federation.

Setting Up Online Payments


Did you know that you can attach multiple products to a registration form and set them up so that they can only be selected by certain ages, member types (e.g. player, coach, volunteer), or genders? This can help to ensure that the right people are seeing the products.

If you want some tips on how to make the most of your products, check out some of the Footy Tips below:

Product Filtering – Age Groups

Product Filtering – Availability

Product Filtering – Early Bird / Late Registration Products


The combination of self-registration and online payments should not entirely take the place of face to face contact between players and clubs. This relationship is important for both players and clubs for many reasons. So many clubs around the country still utilise Registration Days and manage them in various ways. Below is an approach that may help your club reduce the amount of administration time spent on registrations:

  1. Email the previous season’s players welcoming them to the new season. You may use the NZ Football New Season Welcome Template. Make sure to include the dates of your Registration Day(s). Where possible, you should also give people the opportunity to self-register prior to your Registration Day(s) by providing the registration link(s).
  2. The day before your Registration day, run a report to see who has registered for your club so far – you can also filter it to see who has/hasn’t paid.
  3. On the day itself, set up two areas:
    1. One for people who have already registered (self-registered) and are looking to make payment.
    2. Another for people who have not yet registered.
  4. For the people who have paid, you can have some helpers mark them off on the report; take cash/EFTPOS/cheque payments; and give them any extra additional information (i.e. about kits, coaching, teams, merchandise etc.).
  5. For the people who have not registered, where possible, set up a couple of laptops with your club’s registration form open. Guide your players through the process so that they become familiar with it. Otherwise you can print off the Self Registering Footy Tip to give players/parents to take home and do it themselves