Member Profile FAQs

Sign on pageThe new Member Profile and Email & Password Sign On will represent a huge and positive change to members register to a club and/Federation, and how they interact with the Goalnet system from the 2017 Season onward.

See some FAQs below for some information on how the Member Profile and Email & Password Sign On may affect you and your club. You may download the full FAQs for members HERE; and the full FAQs for club administrators HERE.

1. What is the Member Profile?

The Member Profile is a new functionality that will allow members to directly engage with Goalnet through their own, dedicated and self-managed account.

With the Member Profile, members can use their own email address and self-generated password to log into their own account, and see, edit, and manage their own information and preferences.

2. What is the Registration Hub?

The Registration Hub is the one stop registration location. From here, players, coaches and referees and register to a club or Federation of their choice. By simply entering in the name or post code of the club or Federation, members can find and register to the club of their choosing all from the comfort of their home via their computer, or on their smartphone when they are on the go.

3. How do I create a Member Profile?

For members who have registered previously, you will have a Member Profile automatically created for you! To get access to it, you will just need to reset your password.

If you are new to the game and are registering for the first time, a Member Profile will be created automatically for you.

4. What if members share the same email address e.g. a parent with multiple children participating in the game?

The Member Profile gives members the ability to manage multiple accounts with one email address. If members happen to share a common email address, the account holder (e.g. a parent) can use their email and password to log in and manage the Member Profile for their own account, as well as all accounts that share the same email address.

5. When is the Member Profile being released?

The Member Profile will be available for use November 2016.

6. Who should I ask if I have some more questions regarding the Member Profile?

You can get in touch with your local Federation, or use the feedback form below to submit your question.

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