Registration & Transfer Regulations


The New Zealand Football Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players (RSTP) outline the regulations applicable for the management of football competitions in New Zealand. These regulations regulate the eligibility, registration, contracting, payment, transfer, and protection of Players who enter and participate in football in New Zealand.The objectives of the RSTPs are to:

Develop and protect the game of football in New Zealand in all its forms for participants of all abilities and skill;
Ensure football is regulated in a consistent and co-ordinated manner across New Zealand, its Regional Associations and Clubs;
Ensure young players are adequately protected; and
Align NZF Regulations with the Statutes and Regulations of FIFA, including ensuring that NZF has included in its Regulations the mandatory regulations and principles as required by FIFA in the FIFA RSTP
See below a summary of some the registry and transfer regulations that your Club may be commonly exposed to.

For the full regulations, visit the NZ Football Statutes and Regulations page on the NZ Football website


  • As per NZ Football RSTPs, it is mandatory that all Players be registered on Goalnet prior to taking the field of play in an Official Match.
  • As of February 2016, the registration period will no longer be in effect. The period for which Players may register and be deemed eligible to play will be determined by the relevant competition regulations.
  • A Player that is not active in the relevant season on Goalnet and appears for their Club in any Official Match is deemed to have played illegitimately and is therefore ineligible. Sanctions may be imposed on Players and/or Clubs.
  • A Player can only be registered in season with one Club at a time.
  • A Player may only play for the Club for which they are registered with; unless they also play for:
  • A Futsal Club or centre.
  • A school team that is not playing in the same competition as their Club’s team(s).
  • Any other team affiliated to a Federation which plays in a competition not controlled by the Federation and does not play in the same competition as their club. For example, the Sunday League.


  • Any transfer of a Player between any Clubs affiliated to NZ Football must be completed through Goalnet.
  • For Winter Season competitions, no transfer of a Player shall only be allowed between 1 July to 30 September (inclusive) each year, except in exceptional circumstances. See Regulation 9 of the RSTP for a list of the exceptional circumstances.
  • The date a transfer process has commenced will be the effective date of the transfer.
  • A Player cannot play for their new Club until the transfer has been concluded by both the Former Club and the New Club, and where appropriate, New Zealand Football and the relevant Federation(s).
  • For avoidance of doubt, Player transfers are split into Domestic (within New Zealand) and International (in and out of New Zealand) Transfers.
  • For domestic (within New Zealand) transfers, no Club may unreasonably withhold approval of a transfer request by a Player. If a Club has not acted upon a transfer request within seven days of notification of the request, then the Player’s Federation may transfer the Player unilaterally.
  • For domestic (within New Zealand) transfers, a Club may withhold a transfer request until the Player has, as specified in any agreement between the parties:
    • Returned any equipment; and/or
    • Reimbursed all owing monies/fees.
  • The international (in and out of New Zealand) transfer of Players are to be dealt with in accordance with the FIFA Regulations.
  • If a Player was previously registered outside New Zealand, NZ Football will need to request an International Transfer Certificate (ITC) from the Member Association of the overseas Club.
  • A Player cannot be registered in New Zealand until NZ Football has received the ITC.
  • An ITC is not required for a Player under the age of 10.

For more information on International Transfers, see the Registrations & Transfers page on the New Zealand Football website.