Transfer Window Shut!

The transfer window for Winter Season Competitions has now shut!

The window will not open until 1 October 2017; Players may not move between clubs until the reopening of the window.

Should a Player wish to transfer during the close of the Window, their destination Club (Club that they are transferring to) will need to apply for a transfer under exceptional circumstances. See the Application Process below for information on how to apply for a Exceptional Circumstance Transfer.

As per Regulation 9.1 of the New Zealand RSTPs, no transfer of a Player shall be allowed by any Club from 1 July to 30 September (inclusive) each year, except in exceptional circumstances… [circumstances] may include, without limitation, where:

  • The transfer has not been correctly processed due to clerical error;
  • Allowing the transfer is consistent with the competitive integrity of the relevant Competition(s)
  • The personal circumstances of the Player make a transfer fair an reasonable; or
  • The Player can show that because of circumstances beyond his control, he is obliged to change his place of residence by a distance greater than fifty (50) kilometres

NOTE: International Transfers (players moving in and out of New Zealand) are dealt with accordance with FIFA regulations:

  • An International Transfer is considered to be a de-registration of the Players record from their former country, and new registration within their destination country.
  • In February 2016, NZ Football removed the registration period(s) for which an amateur Player may register. Therefore a Player’s registration and subesquent eligibility for a competition shall be dealt with in accordance with the regulations of the relevant competition(s).
  • Therefore, the registration of an International Transfer is permitted at any time.

Application Process

The below steps outline the process for the application of a transfer outside of the window (Exceptional Circumstance).

  1. Destination Club applies to their Federation for the transfer of a Player outside of the window.
    1. Club must ensure that all relevant and supporting documents are provided to their Federation.
    2. A Federation may offer advice to the Club on whether or not the case may meet any of the exceptional circumstances outlined in Regulation 9.1 of the NZF RSTPs
  2. The Club’s Federation present the case to NZ Football for review.
  3. The application will be internally reviewed by NZ Football.
  4. NZ Football will approve / reject the transfer application.