Websites | Hosting Services Upgrade

SportsTG recently upgraded their hosting services and have removed old infrastructure as a result.

Your website may be in this infrastructure to do a redirect onto the new infrastructure and if your website has not yet redirected its domain, your website will display the above page.

Clubs that have been affected by this would have received an email from SportsTG outlining the next steps. If your club has been affected by this and did not receive an email, see below on what to do next:

To find out who your host is, use a DNS lookup service to verify if your DNS name is pointing to <>.

You will need to update your domain configuration to have CNAME record pointing to ““. Further information can be found at the following link: <>.

If you need to access your website immediately, you will still be able to use Google search your Association or Club, and/or access it via the SportsTG home page.

Should you have any questions regarding the change, please get in touch with the support team

P: 0800 808 202